Scripture: Deuteronomy 1:7 & 8 “You have dwelt long enough in this mountain … go and possess the land.”

God had made a promise to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and to their children after them that He would give them the Promised Land. Moses now speaks to the people and commands them to go forward and possess the land that God had promised their fathers before them. In verse twenty-one, Moses also tells the people of Israel to do this without fear or discouragement.

Israel was given a tremendous promise of a special land, but the possession of that promise came only by facing the giants and engaging in battles. It’s very easy for us to get excited about a promise that we receive from God, but it is another thing to put forth the effort to possess that same promise. Too often, we view the promise from afar and never walk towards the vision that God has placed in our hearts. The giants of doubt and unbelief challenge our hopes and dreams and tempt us to give up. In the midst of the battle, we must remember that God never makes a promise that He can’t keep. When He leads, He goes before us and no foe can stand in His way. His presence clears the way before us, making the crooked paths straight and the rough ways smooth.

God has set before you open doors in an attempt to enlarge your borders and He speaks to you as He did with Moses, “You have dwelt long enough in this mountain. Go possess the land.” Adversity may come as you move forward, but if you allow it, it will strengthen you. Conflicts transform the meek into mighty warriors, fires purify, water purges, and stones polish. It is a known fact that hard times make us strong, and valleys rather than mountains cause us to grow. Your shattered hopes and disappointments will cause you to shift your focus to God and God alone. Your experiences will give you insight and discernment and God will use all of your brokenness to minister to you and equip you to be able to minister to others. The peace and joy that you win in battle will become more precious than the peace which has known no conflict. God desires that you move into your destiny and speaks, “Don’t fear or be discouraged. Go and possess the promise.”

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