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I further explored this subject, the names for God given in the Old Testament, using different materials and adding human images to the paintings. I did this because each name relates to how God relates to us. I have 11×17 inch signed prints available of each painting for $50. The first painting: ELOHIM–THE CREATOR. (GENESIS 2:4) Artists create from existing… (more…)


This is a series that visually explores the 7 statements Jesus made about Himself in the Gospel of John. The image of Christ in each painting is a woodcut I created. Each painting is 11×17 inches and I have signed prints available of each for $50. The first painting: I AM THE BREAD OF LIFE; HE WHO COMES TO ME… (more…)

Names of God art series

This is a series I am working on while being an artist in residence at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C. In the Old Testament, the specific Hebrew name written for God varies as to how God relates to the needs of a particular situation. This first painting in the series is: ELOHIM–GOD THE CREATOR. God created everything we see.… (more…)


Art and Faith 1 I’m currently thinking about Art and Faith because of a class I will soon be teaching at Wesley Theological Seminary, and new work I will create as an Artist in Residence while living on the campus of a seminary. My faith and its mystery are a part of everything in my life, from my interactions with… (more…)

THE CALL by Mary Padgelek

The Call By Mary Padgelek In the movie, “Simon Burch”, Joe, the young protagonist, says: “You’re never prepared for the moment that changes your life.” I know how true that is. A chance encounter in a university library in 1993 changed my life in ways I never could have foreseen or believed. I was drawn into the life of a… (more…)

PREACHING AND THE ARTS an interview with Wesley Theological Seminary’s Catherine Kapikian

The day after she graduated from Wesley Theological Seminary in 1979 with a Master’s degree in Theological Studies, Catherine Kapikian “marched into the dean’s office” and proposed the establishment of an artist-in-residence at the seminary. J. Phillip Wogaman, then dean, and President Jack Knight responded to her thesis that without the arts, “theological education was truncated,” by assigning a modest… (more…)


We must learn to critique our own work, and part of our critique process is to identify what we like about what we do. There are two practical reasons why this is important. We have to inspire ourselves to put time into our art. To get good takes practice and effort. I’ve found it’s much easier to put in the… (more…)


I began this series in the 1980s and it sprung up from my newly revitalized faith and my need to express this in my work. As I dug into the often inexpressible truths, I sought a vocabulary of visual expression. “Genesis” was the first painting and I began my painting journey with the first book of the Bible.

Art, writing, faith, self-help, and the intersection of faith and art.