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In his early seventies, J.B. Murray (1908 – 1988), a quiet African-American man from rural Georgia who could neither write nor read, suddenly began to write, paint, and draw flowing yet often erratic abstractions. Believing that he had received a vision from God, Murray suddenly began to create art. Murray believed that the Holy Spirit was moving his hand and… (more…)

IN THE HAND OF THE HOLY SPIRIT: The Visionary Art of J.B. Murray published by Mercer University Press, 2000

My Book In 1978 a seventy-year-old black farm worker in rural Glascock County, Georgia, received what he believed to be a call from God. Though unable to read or write, J. B. Murray began to draw and paint flowing abstractions under what he understood to be the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Over the next ten years, Murray created paintings… (more…)