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I studied art at the University of Georgia for both undergraduate and graduate school, and in 1998, I graduated with a Ph.D. degree from the Lamar Dodd School of Art. Mercer University Press published my book related to my dissertation research on the visionary folk artist J.B. Murray in 2000 ( In the Hand of the Holy Spirit: The Visionary… (more…)

REVIEW OF “HANDS OF THE SPIRIT” by the Red and Black Newspaper

Musical tells artist’s tale passionately PLAY REVIEW By BLAKE DANIEL Published , October 18, 2004, 06:00:01 AM EDT At one point in “Hands of the Spirit,” a character describes the lead character’s paintings, saying, “There’s a purity and a passion that comes from his believing.” “HANDS OF THE SPIRIT” When: 7:30 p.m. Thursday to Sunday Where: Lyndon House Art Center,… (more…)


For his family and community of Mitchell, Georgia, J.B. was like a fire from heaven coming in the midst of their quiet, small town life. To the world of art, he was a reminder of the joy and passion of creation for a cause beyond oneself. He stirred anger and he stirred resentment. He stirred up a new belief in… (more…)


In his early seventies, J.B. Murray (1908 – 1988), a quiet African-American man from rural Georgia who could neither write nor read, suddenly began to write, paint, and draw flowing yet often erratic abstractions. Believing that he had received a vision from God, Murray suddenly began to create art. Murray believed that the Holy Spirit was moving his hand and… (more…)