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The musical, “Hands of the Spirit” performed in Savannah, GA, December 2012.

4TH PRODUCTION OF “Hands of The Spirit” December 10-12, 2011 7:00 PM Saturday – 3:00 PM Sunday Matinee 9:15 AM Monday – Special School Performance Trustees Theatre, 216 Broughton St. SHOW DESCRIPTION “Hands Of The Spirit” The story tells how an illiterate African-American farm worker in rural Georgia rose to become an artist of international acclaim. The Visionary Art of… (more…)


Names of God art series

This is a series I am working on while being an artist in residence at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C. In the Old Testament, the specific Hebrew name written for God varies as to how God relates to the needs of a particular situation. This first painting in the series is: ELOHIM–GOD THE CREATOR. God created everything we see.… (more…)


Art and Faith 1 I’m currently thinking about Art and Faith because of a class I will soon be teaching at Wesley Theological Seminary, and new work I will create as an Artist in Residence while living on the campus of a seminary. My faith and its mystery are a part of everything in my life, from my interactions with… (more…)


I thought this captured the mood of this 19 foot by 17 foot work. JHampton You tube

The Revelation of James Hampton’s by Linton Weeks

Washington Post Staff Writer Saturday, December 10, 2005 Sisters and brothers! We are gathered here today to sing of “The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations Millennium General Assembly”! And when you refer to it, praise be, speak with the awe and with the reverence it deserves. For this, my friends, is truly a most inspired and wondrous… (more…)

THRONE: A Musical

My musical “Throne” is a story about the triumph of the creative will over the forces of destruction. It explores the psychological tension between the weight of a vision, and the actualization of that vision. It is based on the true story of the artist James Hampton who created the “Throne of the 3rd Heaven for the Nations Millennium” with… (more…)


In his early seventies, J.B. Murray (1908 – 1988), a quiet African-American man from rural Georgia who could neither write nor read, suddenly began to write, paint, and draw flowing yet often erratic abstractions. Believing that he had received a vision from God, Murray suddenly began to create art. Murray believed that the Holy Spirit was moving his hand and… (more…)

IN THE HAND OF THE HOLY SPIRIT: The Visionary Art of J.B. Murray published by Mercer University Press, 2000

My Book In 1978 a seventy-year-old black farm worker in rural Glascock County, Georgia, received what he believed to be a call from God. Though unable to read or write, J. B. Murray began to draw and paint flowing abstractions under what he understood to be the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Over the next ten years, Murray created paintings… (more…)


I began this series in the 1980s and it sprung up from my newly revitalized faith and my need to express this in my work. As I dug into the often inexpressible truths, I sought a vocabulary of visual expression. “Genesis” was the first painting and I began my painting journey with the first book of the Bible.